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Raising awareness about DEI in Asia’s newsrooms


Building upon the ANDA research report’s findings and its members and partners’ expertise, AAJA-Asia regularly organizes online webinars and in-person panel discussions to discuss gender balance, equity, diversity and inclusion in news, in the various markets covered by the initiative.

Should you be interested in hosting a DEI event, please write to

The following events have been scheduled so far:

26 May 2023  |  Singapore
Workshop at AAJA-Asia’s N3Con 2023

How to Improve Reach and Accuracy With DEI

DEi Workshop at n3Con 2023

28 July 2022  |  Singapore
Presentation at AAJA-Asia’s N3Con 2022

Diversity in News: What Makes Asia Unique

11 July 2022  |  Tokyo
Presentation/Discussion at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ)

Diversity in News in Japan/Asia

15 June 2022  |  Taipei
Online Panel

Diversity in News

12 May 2022  |  Hong Kong
Online Webinar with Telum Media

Diversity in the Newsroom

DEI Stories

As part of the Advancing News Diversity in Asia (ANDA) project, AAJA-Asia invited staff journalists, freelancers and students in journalism from seven Asia markets – Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan – to apply for a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) reporting fellowship.

Successful applicants submitted inspiring stories that explore the experiences of marginalized communities and individuals and their struggle for representation in their respective countries.

We warmly invite you to browse this unique collection of articles that shed a light on many unknown facets of diversity in the Asia Pacific region.

By Tay Hui Zhi, Elena – Not many are aware of the existence and struggles the non-binary community face in Singapore. TAY …

By Charlotte Kwan – Hong Kong may be positioning itself as ‘Asia’s world city’, home to a multi-racial community. And yet it …

By Seung-ku Lee – On a recent afternoon, Muaz Razaq, a Pakistani student studying at Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea, …

By Yasmin Coles – For decades, many Filipinos, Muslims and Christians alike in southern Philippines live in fear: getting caught in the …

By Xie Yihui & Alexander Goh – How the mainstream media in Singapore’s Lion City portrays disabled people and their stories Dr …

By Satria Efendi – Children exemplify lessons of harmony in diversity in remote Indonesian village Note: In this story, as is common …

By Samira Hassan – After weeks of reporting on palm oil extraction alongside an international correspondent, Febriana Firdaus, an acclaimed journalist, was …

By Jun Tsuboike – TOKYO — A March 2021 court ruling that same-sex marriages are constitutional has given same-sex couples a glimmer …

By Jonah Khu & Jaewon SHIN – “Go back to China!,” ”Stop pretending to be Taiwanese, ok? Go to China if you …

By Jeyup S. Kwaak – When a veteran South Korean journalist applied for a cub reporter position in the mid-1990s at one …

By Mick Yang – “There is a general sense of hopelessness of never being legally recognised as their authentic selves, especially given …

By Ilgin Yorulmaz – TOKYO – The posting of Hawa Abdullah’s father to Taiwan when she was a girl was a blessing. …

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