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Membership nonprofit launched
in 1981 in San Francisco

Over 1,500 members globally,
mostly in the US

Asian chapter launched in 1996
Over 150 members in Asia

Four Subchapters: HK, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo

One of the largest regional
networks of journalists across
Asia Pacific


AAJA was launched in San Francisco in 1981 for advancing diversity in US newsrooms and ensuring fair and accurate coverage of communities of color.

AAAJA-ASIAA is committed to:

• Advancing diversity (of gender, ethnicity, age, class) and inclusion within Asian newsrooms and the reporting they produce.

• Supporting media professionals and advocates for a vibrant press in APAC.

• Providing training and career advancement opportunities to members.

• Supporting students’ interest in journalism and facilitating their …

Key AAJA-ASIA projects for 2021

New.Now.Next Media Conference 2021 (N3Con) on 2-8 Aug

Digital N3 Salons: Monthly online sessions on 4 main themes

AAJA-Asia Training Network

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative for Asia

Executive Leadership Program for Asia members